Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From Pretty Princess to ...Street Walker?

Day 2 of the Arkansas Women Bloggers Challenge!  Topic: Halloween Memories

I have many fun Halloween Memories from childhood and on.   I wish I had more pictures to share, but that would require a lot of time looking for old photos and scanning ... and I just didn't have the time! 

Growing up, we would go to the mall some years when they would have events there.  More often, we used to go to Boo at the Zoo in Little Rock most years and I always looked forward to that.  I loved the zoo growing up and getting candy and seeing all the other kids on costumes were just bonuses to a great event!

Some years, we had church events too.  I remember one year in particular I won Prettiest Costume award.  I was dressed as a princess in a beautiful pink gown.  I felt like a princess too!

My friend, Jessica, and I dressed up as rock stars in college, complete with crazy wigs, spiky necklaces, and microphones.  We went to a Halloween party but we felt the night wasn't complete without trick-or-treating.  We went to a couple houses and at one of the houses, an older lady asked if we were "street walkers."  If you know me, you know that (once I found out what that meant) I was horrified.  Honestly, our outfits were not bad at all!  This may fall under most embarrassing Halloween memory, but it is a funny story to tell now.

In law school, I don't think I had a costume that year, but I was recruited to be a justice on the Supreme Court.   Some people were very serious justices, but I was a happy justice.  I'm on the bottom row, second from the right side. 

Those Halloween memories were so much fun, but the best Halloween memories of all happened a lot more recently... last year, in fact!  That is the memory of my son, Graham, being born... of becoming a mother.  Wow, what a great year it's been!  I am amazed at how much my life has changed... how much my responsibilities and priorities have changed.  Motherhood really does that.  I'll do another post about Graham closer to his birthday so I'll cut this one short.

Needless to say, while Halloween has been a fun day in the past... a time to wear costumes and eat candy, I now know that it will be a very special day to me for the rest of my life!  

What are some of your favorite Halloween memories or traditions? 


  1. One year when I was a teenager, I went to a Halloween dance as a bag of jelly beans! I got a clear trash bag and cut a hold in thebottom of it. Then I filled it up with small balloons I'd blown up. I wore a black leotard and black tights. Voila! Except it didn't get me many dances that evening..... :)

  2. That's great! I saw a kid costume like that on Pinterest, Wendy! I think I'd rather be a bag of jelly beans than a street walker, at least. ; )

  3. Children change everything. I'm just thinking about what cool birthday parties he will have in the future.

  4. A baby for Halloween! That's better than a big bag of candy any day. Well... most days. ;)

  5. bahaha! I totally LOL'ed at this one.