Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall: Golden Leaves to the Golden Boot

When I think of fall, the traditions that stick out the most to me are those surrounding Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I discussed some of my favorite Halloween memories in my last past, so on to Thanksgiving!

I know many people don't like being with a lot of family for an extended period of time during holidays.  Like most people, my family has our share of dysfunction, but it is so rare for us to all get together, so I truly enjoy and cherish every time we get to.  For that reason, and the food of course, I love Thanksgiving!

I love eating too much, helping my mom in the kitchen, and watching the Arkansas vs. LSU game (otherwise known as the Battle for the Golden Boot) every year.  [Pictured above is what the golden boot looks like in the proper hands]  This year, we even get to go to that game; I am so excited!  If you don't know me, one thing you must know is that I am a huge Arkansas Razorbacks fan!  

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention shopping.  Some years, I'm up to hitting the Black Friday sales; other years, I'm not. All in all, I love the fall traditions my family has created so far, but now that I have a child of my own, I look forward to creating new traditions.  I've seen many ideas on Pinterest, a website I love, such as putting what you're thankful for on a slip of paper and baking it into a roll or cookie so you can go around the table and read them out loud; going to a pumpkin patch and taking cute fall pictures; and more.  What creative or unique traditions does your family have in the fall?  What traditions do you think are cool and want to try?   


  1. Football seems a great fall tradition. Even littles can get into a family tradition of watching or going to games.

  2. Who in Arkansas doesn't celebrate part of Thanksgiving weekend watching the Battle for the Golden Boot? My husband and I plan our return trip from his grandparents' house accordingly. Have fun starting more traditions!

  3. Oh, shopping on Black Friday with my sister. It's the best!!! Actually we don't do a whole lot of shopping, but we do get in a lot of coffee, talking and eating! And of course, we have to be finished in enough time to watch (or attend...when it was in LR) the LSU/AR game.

  4. We are actually going to be in Arkansas for Thanksgiving this year and are hoping to the to the game!