Thursday, October 18, 2012


Today's blogging challenge is not too challenging at all.  I am just supposed to promote a post from the past.  My blog isn't too old so I wasn't sure what to promote, but I decided to promote a couple of posts with the most page views and/or comments.  Those are kind of random.   The one with the most page views by far is this post about a couple of my favorite foods.   

An old post with a lot of page views and comments (at least a lot of comments for my blog) is one of my favorite blog posts of all: this one.  It's the blog post where I announced my pregnancy with baby Graham, including sonogram pictures and all. : ) Very happy times!  

Sorry for the short but sweet post... just wait, though! Tomorrow's post will be about one of my favorite topics: food!  More specifically, favorite fall recipes.  

Until then, 


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