Monday, September 24, 2012

My friend, Nastassja

Today, I'm linking up again with Kelly for Show Us Your Singles Day.  On this blog, you can enter a blog post about yourself or a friend and she will put a link to your blog post up on her blog.  Apparently, it is very popular and has led to numerous successful relationships and even five marriages!  Pretty neat if you ask me!  
In this blog post, I present to the web world my friend, Nastassja.  Nastassja and I met our freshman year in college and have been friends for about 10 years now (it's hard to believe it's been so long!).  Nastassja is 28 years old and resides in Northwest Arkansas.  Here she is: 

There are several telling things about this picture.  First, Nastassja is a fun-loving girl.  She loves her family and friends immensely and enjoys spending time with all of them.  She also loves her beautiful dog, Lucy.  

She is a girly girl, but she also enjoys spending time in nature.  What better combination is there?     

However, this is only one small part to the multifaceted Nastassja!  Nastassja is very active; she works out on a daily basis and one of her favorite workouts is a total body workout using aerial silks and lyra.  Here's a picture of her doing that: 

That is harder than it looks, folks!       

I would be remiss if I didn't mention music.  Music is a huge part of Nastassja's life.  She not only loves listening to a very wide variety of music, but she also has been a musician much of her life and has music degrees from college.  She is extremely talented and hardworking at what she does. 

Finally, a little about Nastassja's personality.  Nastassja is a very kind and gentle spirit, but is also extremely fun to be around.  She is very considerate of others and often puts their needs and feelings before her own.  She is also one of the most open-minded, least judgmental people that I know.    

I would love to be a part of helping Nastassja find her soul mate.  If you are interested in meeting Nastassja and getting to know her better, or know someone who might be a good match, you can leave a comment on this blog post and I will hook you up!  


  1. Just stopping by to thank you for stopping by EMI. Areal silks and lyra looks so cool. I want to try it!

    As for the printable you mentioned on scribd. Iv'e never had to pay anything to join so I don't know whats up with that and why you are having that problem. If you email me your email I can send it to you personally.

  2. Thanks, Julia! I commented on that post again but wasn't sure if you could see it, so I'll comment here too just to be safe. My email is I think for scribd, they require that you either pay OR post something of value/quality up there. Since you probably posted the monster printables/other stuff, that's why you didn't have to pay. Just a guess..?