Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family, Fun & Holidays

We've been pretty busy lately, so I have quite a bit to fill you in on!

We took Graham's newborn pictures; here are some of my faves:

We also sent out Graham's birth announcement. Here's what it looked like:

Graham finally met his cousins, Maggie, Marin and Emmy. They loved him and he loved them. I can't wait to see how their relationship develops as he grows and can play with them! Here are some pictures of them:

Then, we all went to a birthday party for Marin. There was yummy food and we got to see a lot of family. It was a blast! Some more of Graham's family got to meet him too. Here's a family picture we took at the party:

Graham has been smiling more and more everyday. In fact, one day I woke up and leaned over to look in the bassinet and there he was smiling the biggest smile at me. Wow, what a wonderful way to wake up! Here are some pictures of his beautiful smiles (haven't been able to catch the BIG smile yet, mostly just the tail end of them):

Graham also had his first picture taken with Santa! We're getting the professional one later this week; this is one we took with our personal camera:

Santa told us what a gift he was and wanted to hang onto him even though there was a line of other little ones. Of course, we knew he was special, but it's always nice hearing it from others. ; )

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