Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Had Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas!

We had a Merry Little Christmas,... and hope you did too! Here's a run-down of our Christmas:

First, we went to
Effingham and Neoga, Illinois to visit Dustin's mom's family. We hung out, ate great food, and caught up with great people. Plus, they all got to meet Graham! Here are some pictures from that fun time:

We did the Dirty Santa game. At first, I stole a 2-tier dessert tray. I thought it'd be nice to have for baby/bridal showers I help throw in the future. But that was stolen from me, so next I stole a cake pop/donut hole maker. Again, I think I'll use this for future shower/birthday treats. It comes with recipes, so that helps!

Graham got a Sesame Street Grover doll (apparently Dustin had a Sheriff Grover that he loved as a kid), a blanket and some outfits.

That night, right after the Dirty Santa game and saying our goodbyes, we drove to Springfield, Illinois to see Dustin's step-sisters and their families. Here are some pictures from that adventure:

The last picture is Grandpa/Great-grandpa Tony with the
grandkids. Graham is the little one on the left. Isn't he cute?! (They all are!). Graham got lots of clothes and toys! He really hit the jackpot this Christmas!

After spending lots of fun time with family, we got home. Though I had a lot of fun, it was tiring and it's good to be home and get Graham back in the environment/schedule he's used to. We also got to finish up a craft we started before we left. Thanks to a great friend, Jessica, we got to make Christmas ornaments with Graham's footprint and
hand print. Unfortunately, the hand print was pretty difficult to do, because Graham likes to keep his hand in a little fist and moving around a lot, but we did our best! Here are pictures of the ornaments we made:

I can't forget to show you Graham's cute Christmas outfits! Here they are:

This one (above) says "HO HO HO" and has Santa on the feet.

This outfit says "Santa's First Stocking Stuffer"

This outfit says "My First Christmas" under the "Mommy's Lil Elf" bib. : )

This final picture is not a Christmas one, but I love it, so I had to share it anyway...

Ha! Now I just need to get him a strong man outfit!

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  1. Graham is just cute cute cute! We'll have to come over and see him sometime.