Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Month (Already?!)

Graham is one month old today. Wow, that flew by! We've settled into somewhat of a routine now. He is absolutely the best baby we could ask for. Sure, some days/nights are better than others, but what parents/babies don't deal with that? We are so very blessed by this boy and can't wait to see each milestone as they come while treasuring each moment with him as they happen. Some pictures/memories from the past month:

One day old in the hospital

After his first bath

At his first doctor's appointment

His first Razorback game

His first swing ride

His first holiday to celebrate (Thanksgiving!)

His first tummy time

His favorite sleeping position (with his hand/hands by his face)

His first family photo

His first stuffed animal

And last but not least...

His 1-month picture!

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