Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jasmere (Special Offer for My Shopping Friends!)

My friend, Jessica, recently told me about a website called Jasmere. Jasmere features a new special product once every 24 hours. When you make an order, you are guaranteed what they list as the "current price," but they don't charge your credit card until the offer ends. The more people that purchase the product, the lower the price goes for you! Once the offer ends, they charge your credit card at that final, low price.

Sometimes, instead of a specific product, Jasmere sells vouchers, which allow you to choose anything you like at the featured site of the day. The same current price--> low price deal I described above happens with the vouchers. Pretty neat!

Also, instead of having to go back and check the website every day, you can sign up on their e-mail list and get a new e-mail every day that tells you what their deal of the day is.

Now, for the fun part, I have a special treat for my shopping, blog-reading friends. I have a new Jasmere coupon code. It is for 20% off once per person and it is good until September 17th. All you have to do is go via this link, find what you'd like to purchase, and enter the code while you're checking out. Here is the code: SF209B22977A

Happy Shopping, friends!

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