Sunday, September 25, 2011


Have you heard that song? Blessed (and loved) is definitely how I have felt lately, for a variety of reasons.

Just to update you on what's happened since my last post, the biggest events were my two baby showers. I had one shower up here in Fayetteville on the 10th and one in Little Rock on the 17th. Overwhelmed is really the best word to describe how I felt after these showers. I was overwhelmed at the tremendous outpouring of love for me and Graham. It makes me teary to think of all the love and support from such amazing people that he has waiting for him once he arrives.

Here are some pictures from the Fayetteville shower:

Me with a blanket Grandma-to-be Calufetti made Graham

Love my friends; they're the best! (Left to right: Holly, Nicole, me, Laura, Erin, and Mandy)

My awesome and beautiful sisters, Lori and Christa!

Another group pic with friends and family. : )

I don't have pictures of the decorations yet, but trust me, they were very cute! I am so so thankful to Lori (my sis), Kristin, and Mindi for hosting this shower. They did a wonderful job; it was perfect in every way and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Here are some pictures from the Little Rock shower:

It was so great to see friends that I haven't seen in a while! (Left to right: Traci, Lydia, me, Cherry, Jessica and Ashley)

I love any occasion to get together with family too!

A picture of me opening a gift (they all look similar to this one, so I won't bore you with more).

It was a game day, so how awesome are these little blue Razorbacks on the cupcakes? Very fitting, I think!

Cute cookies and cupcakes made by my talented baking friend, Jessica.

The cutest sign ever made by Jessica too; she's so crafty!

The gift table; note the adorable diaper cake with Cookie Monster on top, made by my great friend, Lydia. Also, there are baby pictures of Dustin and me on the table too; very cute!

More decorations. The boxes below had letters on them spelling out "Baby Shower"; it was used for a cute game.

I want to thank Jessica and Lydia for hosting this shower for me. It was awesome! I had such a great time seeing people I hadn't seen in a while (some a long time)! They are so crafty and had the cutest decorations! They are amazing friends and I am so grateful to have them in my life.

On another note, I am slowly but surely making progress on Graham's room. I've washed some clothes and his blankets, receiving blankets, burp rags, bibs, etc. I've washed his bedding and got it put on the crib. We still have a lot of organizing/decorating to do, but we're getting there (don't worry, I'll post a pic when we're done). Until next time...

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  1. I'm so glad you had two such fun, successful showers Lynds! I'm so glad I got to be there. I can't wait to be Graham's favorite aunt ;)