Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Busy Weekend

This was one busy weekend for me, or at least it feels like it was.

* Friday was my birthday. I turned 27; crazy! Part of me is in disbelief that so much time has passed in what seems like an instant. I still feel like my college years weren't that long ago. But now my sister, 8 years my junior, is in her second year at the U of A. Wow.
Anyway, I celebrated my birthday with my family last weekend, so my little sister, Christa, took me out for lunch at Einstein Brothers Bagels for lunch; it was good! Then, Dustin took me out on Friday night. We ate pizza at Gusano's and then went to watch a late movie, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. We even splurged for popcorn and a soda! It was awesome.

* On Saturday, we went out for a belated birthday lunch with Dustin's parents. Then, with the help of a good friend, Josh Portmann, we moved my law firm's office. I didn't finish unpacking everything and organizing the office, but we got everything moved.

* Today, we went to church and ate lunch afterwards. Dustin had to do some work for Foxwood Sports, so I got some much needed grocery shopping done and finished reading the book "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." It is a very intense murder mystery; makes me want to see the movie now, as well as read the rest of the Stieg Larsson series.
Then, we both went to Cross Church's Leadership Summit. We've been attending Cross Church for a while and decided we want to get involved somehow. Dustin is going to volunteer in the media area (surprise, surprise; my technologically savvy husband is doing media!) and I will start by volunteering in the Women's Ministry (mainly in the Service area, reaching out to the community in various ways).
The first service project we'll be doing will be related to foster children, so I'm all about it! I wasn't aware of this, but apparently one of the most prominent material needs of children in the foster care system is suitcases. So many children in the foster care system have to put all their belongings in trash bags in order to move them to the next foster home. Our service project, which will take place in September, will be asking for people to donate new and gently used suitcases for children in the foster care system. So, if you feel led to donate a new or gently used suitcase, let me know and I can certainly be the middle man!
Anyway, now we're home, watching Arthur and I'm doing lots of laundry. What a weekend! And I know I have a long week ahead of me too. Among other things, I've got to get into the doctor for my foot. I stepped on something or have something wrong with it and it's very painful to walk on. I'm typically pretty active (or so I've found out since I've been slowed down some), so I hope this foot thing can be figured out and treated soon. Wish me luck!

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