Saturday, August 20, 2011

Exciting Times

I've had quite a bit going on lately. This past weekend, we picked up Graham's crib and put it together. Exciting (pictures below)!

I also finished reading Confessions of a Shopaholic. Then, I took a couple of books back to the library and got a new one: The Girl Who Played With Fire. I liked The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, so I think I'll like this book too. Looking forward to getting into it!

I was pretty worn out from cleaning, ...but not too worn out to shop for baby stuff! So, I went with my (about to have a baby any day now) friend, Mindi, to Rhea Lana's, a consignment sale, in Rogers. I didn't find too much I had to have, especially since I haven't had any showers yet. I probably will go back on Thursday, because everything that has a red dot on it will be 1/2 price that day. Maybe I'll find more stuff I need then! I did happen to pick up some cute Razorback baby bibs (that say "Lil Razorback Fan") and newborn Razorback hats. I figure it'll be cold when Graham comes, so he might as well be representin'!

When I got back, Dustin and I worked on cleaning the upstairs (we'll be having a special guest stay with us this weekend!).

My new Kaplan LSAT class started Sunday, so I'm excited about that. I ran a little long in our second class on Monday night. Overall though, so far, so good! I'm also looking forward to this next weekend for many reasons. I get to see my good friend, Jessica, on Friday night. I'm also having Dannelle, another friend I haven't seen in a long time, stay at my house and I have a law school baby shower on Saturday! It'll be a mini-reunion and I'm excited to see everyone who can make it and catch up with them!

And today, I picked up Graham's carseat! There's not too much to see in Graham's room yet, but here's what we've got so far:

Left to right: Dustin's childhood rocking chair, activity playmat my sis, Lori, gave me, Graham's awesome carseat, jungle swing Lori gave me, and crib!

Left to right: Vibrating chair Lori gave me (with carseat head rest on it), bedding/decorations (we don't have a mattress yet, so we can't put the bedding on), and adorable storage boxes my friend, Sisi, gave me (better pictures of those below)!

I came home today and had two packages waiting for me. My good friend, Sisi, sent me baby presents. I must say, they are AWESOME! This is a green (yellow on the inside) sling... it seems sturdy and like it'll last a long time. Plus it is gorgeous! [Oh, and Sam's foot on the left side of the picture]

These are storage boxes she sent to use in the nursery. They are so cute!!! They look like they are hand painted too (very intricate)! Here's another pic of them:

Aren't they beautiful?! I am so thankful to have such thoughtful, loving people in my life... Graham will be too!

There are some other miscellaneous items/clothing I didn't take pictures of, but you get the idea. It's becoming more real! I'm very much looking forward to meeting my lil' man.

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  1. Oooh! Oooh! So exciting to see my car seat surrounded by baby stuff again! I hope you like it.

    Oh, also, fyi, the half price sale at Rhea Lana's is for anything withOUT a red dot. They use a little moniker "red dot equals NOT" to help you remember. Silly, I know, but didn't want you to get all excited and then bummed when they tell you it's not half price.