Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Neat November

The Webers have had a fun and eventful November so far and I wanted to catch you in the blogging world up on what we've been up to.   

I have been working on buying some and making some Christmas gifts.  I'll do a post after Christmas (for obvious reasons) about some of the gifts I made and how they turned out.   

Graham is doing and saying new things every day.  He has taken his first steps, though I wouldn't consider him a walker just yet.  We're working on it!  Dustin and I were talking last night about one of our favorite things that he does.  Most of the time it is when he's getting tired, but we love when Graham lays down on the floor next to us and looks at the ceiling and cuddles.  Though is becoming more and more vocal everyday when he is happy and when is not happy, he has a very sweet spirit and we love that about him.  

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Dustin's parents in Bella Vista this year.  We ate good food and spent fun time with family... and we didn't even have to pack and travel!  Though we missed the family we didn't get to see, it was pretty perfect.  Here are a couple of pictures from that day: 

Thanksgiving night, I spent my first night away from Graham...eek!   Dustin's parents watched Graham that night and the next day when we went to the Arkansas vs. LSU football game.  I had mixed feelings about it; I was very grateful that Dustin's parents watched him for us and it was nice to have quality time alone with Dustin, but I also missed my little man!   

Dustin and I thoroughly enjoyed the Arkansas-LSU game.  Of course we would've enjoyed it more had the Razorbacks won the game, but they really made me proud.  Despite the very tough season they've had and having every reason in the world to not play to their best abilities, my Hogs played their hearts out to the very end of the game.  It was a close game to the end and we had a blast and were so lucky to be able to watch it.  

We also got our pictures back from Kelsey Tice Photography today.  They are so great; Kelsey is amazing!  She was so patient and despite a runny-nosed, somewhat cranky baby and a dog that was running in and out of the photo shoot, she still managed to get great pictures.  Now that is talent!  I will do a post later and share some of the pictures with you.  I also have to choose one or two to put on our Christmas cards and get the ball rolling on that. 

Until next time,  



  1. Oh I still have mixed feelings about nights spent away from my children. I'm happy for the couple time, but sometimes it's hard to enjoy it b/c I miss my babies so much!

  2. Ethan's 15mo and he has only had a handful of sleepovers with Tim's mom. It was while I was in Cincinnati for surgery with the twins. I still can't bare to leave him that long.