Friday, May 17, 2013

How Pinteresting!

I have seen several articles lately about Pinterest making women feel bad about themselves... about their lack of craftiness, good cooking, or clean/organized house.  I can certainly see how that could happen if you think you should do everything there is on Pinterest (how overwhelming that would be!).  

Realistically, I know my house is probably not going to ever be as clean/organized as some of the ones pictured on Pinterest.  However, I have personally found Pinterest to be the most valuable in my life for creative gift ideas and (mostly) yummy meal recipes.  In this post, I'll share some of the things I've made recently as a result of ideas I got from Pinterest.

For Mother's Day, I made my mom some cinnamon sugar pecans (because nuts are one of her favorite snack foods).  She really liked them!  

Due to subtle hints, we made Dustin's mom this flower pot for Mother's Day.  It has Graham's feet on it as the wings of the butterfly.  That was an interesting experience. 

 Finally, for teacher appreciation gifts, I put together these gifts which included beach towels, little activity books (like Sudoku/puzzles), candy the teachers indicated they like, and mini sunscreens all wrapped up in a bow.  I think they liked their gifts too! 

While websites like Pinterest and Facebook have been taking a lot of slack for creating unrealistic images of what our lives should look like, they aren't all bad.  They can help creativity-impaired people (like me) brighten others' lives and that's something I'm thankful for!  


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  1. What a great perspective on pinterest! I admit the entire site kind of annoys me, but I have found some good recipes on there.