Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feeding Woes

Graham's pediatrician said he's developmentally ready for solids at his most recent appointment. I thought about waiting until he was a little older, but he's so small (in the 3-5th percentile for his age... always has been!) that I thought this might help put a little weight on him and he might like it! We started him on rice cereal and have tried green beans as well. He hasn't seemed to like either much, but especially not green beans. He will just cry until I stop (not very long); it's not a pleasurable experience for either of us.

I'm considering putting off solids for a little longer; they aren't nutritionally necessary at this point. I might do that or I might continue to experiment with the baby food... change up the texture (add in some more water or breastmilk), try different veggies and see if he likes the others any more.

If any of you experienced moms have advice on this issue, it is very much welcome!

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