Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lots to Look Forward To

Other than the obvious big event I'm looking forward to (holding little baby Graham), there are some other events coming sooner that I'm excited about.

For one, our first childbirth class is tonight. I feel a silly about it, but I'm a little nervous! I have no idea why. What could possibly happen at this class that I should be nervous about? That I ask a "stupid" question? That the instructor asks Dustin to wear the fake pregnancy belly and he refuses? I don't know! Despite being nervous, I am also looking forward to the classes; to meeting other expecting couples; to learning more about what to expect and getting questions answered.

Another thing I'm looking forward to is our Babymoon. Not only do Dustin and I get to spend time together alone before little Graham arrives, but we get a much-needed vacation (much-needed for Dustin especially, because he works so hard/much). I'm sure I'll do a blog post about our Babymoon after we get back from it.

I'm also looking forward to my baby showers. I have such wonderful friends and family that offered to throw these for me (one in Fayetteville, one in Little Rock). I look forward to seeing all the shower guests so much. Not to mention, I know the showers will be super cute and am so thankful for all the work my family and friends are putting/will put into throwing them. I'm sure I'll do blog posts on these as well. : )

I hope you have lots to look forward to as well!

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